Saturday, 2 March 2013

Taiaha Training

We have been very fortunate to have Matua Mike come along to our kura to teach our tamariki about the taiaha.


March Celebration Assembly

Our first celebration assembly for 2013
 Ben is wearing our class cloak. 
This cloak represents every child in the classroom and the values we will show throughout the year towards each other and very person we come into contact with.
Values like respect, kind, caring, thoughtfulness, perseverance, manners, fun, happy, and much, much more.

Max and Sheree read these poems out and the rest of the school had to guess who it was out of the 4 children behind them.

These children were demonstrating what peer mediation looks like at our school. The aim is to get the children to come up with a solution to their problem and the peer mediators are there to ask the right questions.
1. If there is a problem and we can't solve it we find a peer mediator.
2. We have to agree to the 4 rules:
          *no put downs
          *agree to solve the problem
          *no interrupting
          *tell the truth                                                                         3. Then each side gets to tell their side of the story and express how it made them feel.
4. Both groups have a chance to come up with a solution.
5. Then together they decide which solution they would prefer.
6. Both groups finish by shaking hands.

Their problem was that Kody wanted to play with the ball and the girls wouldn't let him, so he stole their ball and wouldn't give it back.

They both felt angry, frustrated and upset.

Their solution was to play 3 square instead of 2 square.

Everyone went away happy!!!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cool Schools

Christina from Cool Schools came to our school to empower our children with strategies when dealing with conflict.  
We participated in discussions, role playing and problem solving.

 The children watched a DVD on how peer mediation can work effectively.

 This was a game we played to show us that if we 
co-operate, communicate and compromise everyone can come out a winner.

From our lesson with Christina we will be practicing and working through ways of dealing with conflict and then using these skills when doing our jobs as peer mediators.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beach Day 2013

On Friday 22nd February we walked over the hill from school to Coopers Beach.
We had a great day swimming, playing cricket, building sandcastles and just hanging out with our friends.

Max playing Badminton

The girls just hanging out, chatting, eating and enjoying the sun.

Daniel finding space to hit the ball. Way to go Daniel!

As you can see it was a beautiful day, with fabulous tamariki and the water was really warm!

Kotuku Class 2013


I told you they were a great looking group!!!!
We have started the year off with getting to know each other and setting our class treaty.